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Scrummi Towels

The ultimate sustainable salon towel, at your disposal...

Sustainable, biodegradable, disposable. What's not to love? In the entire history of no-brainers, we think Scrummi is the king of no brainers! Not only is it kinder to the planet, it saves you money and will transform your salon.

Super Absorbent

Scrummi is up to 15x more absorbent than traditional cotton hairdressing towels so you only need one from wash to finish

Eco Friendly

Scrummi is made from 100% soft and natural biodegradable wood fibres from certified sustainable sources

Cost Saving

Scrummi is available in a range of disposable towel sizes starting from just 7p per towel

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Our Scrummi hairdressing towels start life as either eucalyptus or cedar trees in central Europe.  They are harvested from Sustainable Forestry programmes.  The trees are pulped and delivered to our factories as fibres, these fibres are then turned into the Scrummi salon waffle towel you know and love with a very economical and considered process.

All the water used in the process is filtered and recycled and all of our plants are monitored and have strict corporate and social responsibility guides in place.  The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi disposable towel including its manufacture is less than the energy used by a washing machine to clean one single cotton hairdressing towel.

Scrummi disposable towels contain no hidden plastics and will biodegrade to compost within 8-12 weeks!

All Scrummi products are 100% biodegradable or recyclable.  Our Scrummi waffle products will biodegrade in about 100 days in an anaerobic environment. This is comparable to an orange peel!

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SAVE on electricity bills for washing machines and tumble dryers.

SAVE on water bills.

SAVE on detergents and soaps for your machines.

SAVE on costs in servicing and replacing your machines.

SAVE on regularly purchasing new cotton towels.

SAVE on wages on staff hours washing, drying and folding towels.

SAVE on laundry servicing charges for those salons that outsource their salon laundry. 

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