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The ultimate sustainable salon towel, at your disposal...!


Established in 2010 Scrummi has been providing salons and spas with compostable products that will

save you time, energy and money.


All with one key mission, to liberate the planet from laundry.

What is a Disposable Towel?
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Scrummi hairdressing towels start life as either eucalyptus or cedar trees in central Europe. 

They are harvested from Sustainable Forestry programmes. The trees are pulped and delivered to factories as fibres, these fibres are then turned into the Scrummi waffle hairdresser towel you know and love with a

very economical and considered process.


The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi disposable towel including its manufacture is less than the energy used by a washing machine to clean one single

cotton hairdressing towel.


Once your Scrummi disposable towel has lived its life to the fullest it will biodegrade to compost within 8-12 weeks!

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By switching to high-quality biodegradable towels, you could save £/€ 1000’s by reducing electricity and water consumption, not buying soaps and detergents, and spending fewer staff hours washing, drying and folding.

Scrummi is up to 15x more absorbent than traditional cotton towels, so you only need one to wash to finish!

Scrummi towels are made from 100% soft and natural wood fibres from a certified sustainable source.

Scrummi is a B Corp
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How to Dry with Scrummi Towels


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