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Oway Hair

The first professional Eco-sustainable Hair Colour, Care & Styling line based on biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients, packaged in 100% recyclable glass and aluminum packaging.


agricosmetics® means growing zero-mile plants, flowers and medicinal and aromatic shrubs on our ORTOFFICINA estate, on the hills of Bologna. It means choosing the biodynamic method – the healthiest and cleanest, which does not require the use of chemicals to obtain pure, ultra-effective essential oils, hydrolates and extracts that become active ingredients in OWAY treatments.


agricosmetics® is packaging OWAY formulas, rich in natural ingredients, only in glass and aluminum, precious, protective and completely recyclable materials. It means eliminating unnecessary and superfluous packaging and making the necessary tools exclusively in eco-sustainable paper, wood, metal, cotton: natural materials that convey authentic sensations. It means using renewable energy for business processes to reduce the environmental footprint.

agricosmetics® is creating concentrated products, rich in active ingredients so that, in the salon and at home, they are used in the right quantities, thus avoiding waste. agricosmetics® is a way of thinking, a way of life, a conscious choice. It is putting care, conscience and attention in every choice and action, and creating quality products that respect environment and people.



OrtOfficina is our farm, covering over 50,000 sq m, that applies the bio-dynamic method, where we grow the medicinal herbs.  The deep bond with nature and the complete respect of its rhythms lead us to put an end to the use of synthetic mineral fertilisers and chemical pesticides and to manage the land following the cosmic and lunar cycles, based on an astronomical calendar.  Thyme, sage, lavender and rosemary are our extensive crops.  As part of our 0 km essential oils, distillates and micronised extracts originate from these medicinal herbs.

According to the biodynamic method, the farm is perceived as a living organic unit, where several other organisms that make it up (forest, meadow, fields, garden, animals, plants, hedges, fruit trees, useful insects, compost pile, humus, earthworms) work in harmony, vivifying it through their different ecological functions and making the system dynamic and productive.

The farmer has a role of great responsibility, as spiritual principle who orders and organises the entire activity of the system.


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